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South Louisville Community Ministries - Emergency Assistance Program - Non-Profit Organization

Below is the information for South Louisville Community Ministries - Emergency Assistance Program, a Non-Profit Organization in Louisville KY :
Details: South Louisville Community Ministries (SLCM) has a 37 year record of service to Louisville’s south end. Founded in 1974 SLCM serves over 50 supporting churches encompassing 13 denominations. The service area is rich in diversity and encompasses all of zip codes 40214, 40215, and 40209 and 40208 south of Eastern Parkway/Industry Road. Service Map. The activities and services of South Louisville Community Ministries are available to all residents in which it serves without regard for income, race, color, national origin, religion or handicap of the participants. Through the Emergency Assistance Program, we are able to meet individuals and families face-to-face, to listen to their stories, and to assess their immediate, individual basic needs—food, health, utilities, and shelter. From there, we work with local agencies and churches to meet those needs. We meet our clients in their time of crisis—lost jobs, spouse abuse, food stamp cutoffs, water leaks, illnesses, and the list continues. We work to stabilize their situations, giving them the needed week or month to apply for longer term assistance, paying off debt, or finding a new job. Emergency Financial Assistance SLCM clients are eligible for one regular financial assistance during a twelve-month period. Clients seeking assistance with church funds must call the office beginning at 9:30AM on the first business day of each month to set up an appointment. Financial assistance is founded on pledges and donations from area churches and individuals. SLCM acts as a "screening" agency for those seeking assistance, and works to coordinate information and funds between clients, churches, landlords, and utility providers. This program is truly the mission of the churches, as it is they who are providing the assistance, while our E.A. social workers simply facilitate the process. Our goal is to stabilize a client's situation for 30 days.
Address: 415 1/2 West Ashland Ave.
Louisville, KY 40214
Contact Phone: 502-367-6445
Fax: 502-361-4668
Services Available: Emergency Assistance Program (food, health, utilities, and shelter)

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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