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Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation - Financial Assistance - Non-Profit Organization

Below is the information for Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation - Financial Assistance, a Non-Profit Organization in Akron OH :
Details: In April of 2006, the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation was founded in Akron, Ohio by the Comunale family and friends to honor the memory of Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. who fought a courageous battle against cancer. A year later, his aunt, Amy Comunale Klein was diagnosed with cancer. In August 2011, Stephen's loving mother passed away after a brave fight with cancer. The Foundation lives in memory of Stephen, Amy and Jane. Every individual's circumstances differ and so do their needs. Accordingly, our Foundation's Individual Grant Giving Program, which is our largest Foundation program, is designed to react quickly to alleviate these day-to-day financial burdens. By alleviating such financial burdens, the Foundation's efforts allow families coping with a cancer diagnosis to focus on what is most important - the emotional and physical care of the family member afflicted with cancer. Individuals and families may request support by completing our grant application and sharing their story. The Foundation's Distribution Committee confidentially reviews grant applications twice a week and often responds within 48 hours. All payments are made directly to the vendor/s. Since 2009, the Foundation has established three more programs, which also benefit individuals and families in the Summit County community who are battling cancer. These programs consist of a Summer Horse Camps for Kids, a Holiday Meals Program and Jane's Sunshine Bag program. We have also partnered with Akron General Medical Center's McDowell Cancer Institute in financing their art therapy program. Since the Foundation's inception, we have donated over $1 million to more than 1,500 families and we are poised to award $250,000 in 2015. Our goal is to assist as many individuals and families as possible in a small way. Putting a smile on someone's face, even for just a few minutes, means we have achieved our goal.
Address: P.O. Box 13805
Akron, OH 44333
Contact Phone: 330-835-5985
Fax: 330-835-5978
Website: http://www.stephencomunale.org/
Services Available: Individual Grant Giving Program - Mortgage or Rent Assistance, Transportation or Gas Costs, Daycare Costs, Utility Assistance, Food Assistance, etc.

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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