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Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. - Cook County CSC - Community Action Agency

Below is the information for Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. - Cook County CSC, a Community Action Agency in Sparks GA :
Details: Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. began as a program development grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity, and was awarded to the Coastal Plain Area Planning and Development Commission on January 14, 1965. This grant enabled a program developer to begin the groundwork for the development of a community organization to serve the poor and elderly. This work led to the incorporation of the Coastal Plain Area Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc. on April 8, 1966, under the laws of the State of Georgia, as a private non-profit corporation serving the ten holding-hands counties of the coastal plain area of Georgia effective April 1, 1966 the Agency superseded the area planning and development commission as the office of economic opportunity grantee. As a human services program, Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. has invested over $215 million dollars of federal, state, and local funds during the past 44 years into the ten counties it serves to help the poor and elderly overcome the hardships and restraints of poverty. The Agency has been instrumental in mobilizing local, state, federal and private resources to keep services in step with the community’s needs, and has provided funding and administrative expertise to numerous community services organizations and institutions in the coastal plain area. Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. seeks to promote the social and economic development of the citizens of the second and eighth U.S. Congressional Districts of the State of Georgia, as they are presently apportioned, particularly with respect to those citizens who are impoverished or otherwise depressed, or deprived of benefits for general economic prosperity and well-being in the United States and the State of Georgia. In pursuance of this goal, it is the function and purpose of this corporation to provide services, assistance and other activities designed to reduce and eliminate poverty and its causes in the coastal plain area by developing employment opportunities, improving human performance, motivation and productivity; and generally by bettering the conditions under which people in the area live, learn and work.
Address: 303 S. College St.
Sparks, GA 31647
Contact Phone: 229-549-8780
Fax: 229-549-8780
Services Available: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; CSBG; Weatherization

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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