Arkansas Rental Assistance Community Services Clearinghouse, Inc.

Community Services Clearinghouse, Inc. - Non-Profit Organization

Below is the information for Community Services Clearinghouse, Inc., a Non-Profit Organization in Fort Smtih AR :
Details: The Community Services Clearinghouse, Inc. has, since 1979, served as an information-sharing agency to provide for the needs of families and individuals in the area who are facing emergency situations. The Clearinghouse works with churches, civic groups, community agencies, and schools. Our primary focus continues to be assisting working families, the elderly, the disabled, and children as well as cancer and hospice patients. We have grown with our service area, and we now offer a broad-based assortment of direct service programs to our clients.
Address: 4420 Wheeler Avenue
Fort Smtih, AR 72902
Contact Phone: 479-782-5074
Fax: 479-782-7801
Services Available: Financial Assistance – utilities, rent, or medical needs

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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