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Below is the information for Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance, a Non-Profit Organization in Denver CO :
Details: Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance (RMCA), is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance for the basic living needs of cancer patients receiving treatment in Colorado. Assistance from RMCA is for rent or mortgage, food, utilities, transportation, and health insurance premiums or COBRA payments, and other non-medical expenses. RMCA's goal is to continue to provide assistance to every eligible applicant that demonstrates a dire financial situation. Support from RMCA helps cancer patients avoid delaying or ending treatment due to financial stress.
Address: P.O. Box 6625
Denver, CO 80206
Contact Phone: 720-229-0303
Fax: 888-600-4452
Services Available: Financial Assistance for rent or mortgage, utilities, car payments and car insurance, health insurance and COBRA, and other day-to-day expenses.

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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