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Details: The 2nd Basemen, Inc. enriches the lives of women, men, and their families diagnosed with breast cancer. The 2nd Basemen, Inc. offers assistance to help them enjoy life and thrive, despite their diagnosis and extensive, ongoing therapies. Dusty Showers, The Original 2nd Basemen, is the most recognizable man in the fight against breast cancer. Known for the pink bra, Dusty's fight against breast cancer goes so much deeper. Dusty is an inspiration to countless breast cancer fighters and survivors. Dusty has been seen on Oprah as well as other televised programs and has been heard on countless radio programs all over the country. The mission of The 2nd Basemen, Inc. Is to provide short-term financial assistance to families affected by breast cancer. We are a registered tax-exempt IRC ยง 501(c)(3) Florida not-for-profit corporation. We pick up where insurance leaves off and help bridge the financial gap of daily living expenses. We provide direct financial grants on a short term (or one time) basis to assist women and men, who are in Treatment for Breast Cancer (within one year.) We will also directly pay bills, such as medical, electric, mortgage, rent, childcare and transportation, etc. This assistance helps them enjoy life and thrive, despite their diagnosis and extensive, ongoing therapies. The most under-served population in the Breast Cancer community is the woman who is financially devastated by cancer treatments, medical bills and, very often, loss of income. The needs of these women are usually overlooked by most Breast Cancer Charities, who advocate for awareness or research.
Address: 655 East Lake Rd, Ste 14 PMB
Palm Harbor, FL 34685
Contact Phone: 720-263-2273
Services Available: Medical, Electric, Mortgage, Rent, Childcare and Transportation Assistance

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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