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Details: The Ark opened in 1984 with the mission to help those in need. For the past quarter century the ark has been this community’s emergency room for individuals and families facing financial crisis. The mission of The Ark is the same today as it was in 1989: to continue to fulfill the vision of its founders by being an efficient, effective way for the religious community to pool resources and help people find self-sufficiency with hope and self-respect in the face of economic hardship. The assistance our neighbors receive from The Ark prevents homelessness and loss of utilities. The Ark serves the low-income citizens of Athens Clarke and surrounding counties who are facing financial emergencies and are struggling to meet life’s basic needs. These include people who are working in one or more low-wage jobs, disabled or elderly and living on fixed incomes, facing increasing costs of living, stagnant wages and a lack of affordable housing and often without a network of support. Many of our neighbors live paycheck to paycheck, making difficult choices on a daily basis among rent, utilities, food, health care, day care and so much more. An unexpected expense can throw these families into financial crisis. When that happens, many of these people turn to the Ark. The Ark opened in 1989 and has provided $858,532.33 in financial assistance to over 31,108 individuals and families in need.
Address: 640-A Barber Street
Athens, GA 30601
Contact Phone: 706-548-8155
Fax: 706-353-1153
Services Available: Rent/Mortgage Assistance; Utility Assistance (electric/gas/water bills)

To Apply: Contact the housing assistance agency at the phone number above, or via the website if available.


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